Wedding Stationery


The best wedding invitations you receive are immediately put up on the fridge door or mantle and left there long after the event is over.  They are able to set the stage for the event itself, and communicate exatcly what kind of event the invitees can expect.  The specifics (date, venue) will only tell someone if they can attend, the design tells them whether they want to attend.

It is my aim to produce invitations that brim with the personality and taste of the lucky couple.  Designed from scratch, each bespoke wedding invitation is truly unique and beautiful.


The design can reflect both the couple and the day ahead.  In the past I have incorporated aspects of a couples life together; where they met, where he/she proposed.  If you are getting married in an interesting venue or city, why not have that included in the design, if you're both into deep sea diving, why not include that too?  I can incorporate any colours, flowers, themes, your wedding date or just about anything.  Ultimately there is little restriction on how your design could look, it is my job to tie all the pieces together to create a stylish, cohesive and elegant invitation.  Get in touch with your thoughts and I will happily produce a rough design and quote for you.  This is completely free and without obligation of purchase should you  change your mind. 






A popular format for invitations is in booklet form. 8 pages, each one illustrated to depict the procession of the special day and to uniquely represent the personality of the couple.



If you're interested in having your wedding stationery designed via Skinny Nib's bespoke service please get in contact by emailing me at Together we can discuss your design options and I will produce some rough designs free of charge with no obligation of purchase.

Once a design has been decided upon and the deposit has been paid we can agree a timetable and I can start the work.  I will need you to send me the text so that I can put together a proof invitation for you to check when the deisgn work is finished and digitalised.  When the proof and the text is signed off by you the remaining balance needs to be paid ready for me to commence printing.  This varies depending on the size of the order, but generally it takes around 5 working days.   If later on you need some more invitations, not a problem.  I can even make ammendments to individual invitations should some guests require specific information (free service if just for a few guests but will encur a small charge if you'd like all invites to be personalised). 
I also include the original drawing of the design framed for you to put up and keep as a momento for the many happy years to come!