What is the cost?



The pricing is split into two parts; Design Fee and Printing Fee: 


Design Fee


Every commission undertaken is different so it is hard to give an exact quote for a design fee until a layout has been agreed upon.
The design fee is the labour, the time taken to draw and paint the designs and to digitally alter and edit the invitations.

A general starting fee for a design to fit on a side of A5 is £250.  The original image for this design is delicately drawn in pen and is framed and presented alongside the invitations for you keep and hang up on your wall.*
The standard design fee for a booklet invitation is £500, this includes a map/maps and illustrations to fit on the pages to complement the information.  Again you will receive one of the original images framed as well as receiving any other images drawn that you'd like to keep and frame yourself.*  Some of the imagery in your designs can be used in other aspects of your stationery such as table number cards.  
Bespoke maps are £200.  These can be tailored to include any landmarks, layout style and imagery that you'd like.

Remember that these are rough prices, if you'd like a simpler design the cost will be less.  I am happy to work with any budget requirements to make sure that you can have your perfect bespoke invitations without breaking the bank.

*Please not that there may be some slight difference between the printed design and the original due to digitalisation.


Printing Fee


The printing feet includes the card, envelopes, printing, postage, and packing.  Below is the costing per invitation: 


C6 Card Tent Fold (A5 folded) 300-350gsm                  £2 each
+ envelope

C5 Card Tent Fold (A4 folded) 300-350gsm                  £3 each
+ envelope

A6 Flat Card, 540gsm                                 £1.50 each
+ envelope                                  £2.50 for two cards per invite

A5 Flat Card, 540 gsm                                 £2.50 each
+ envelope                                  £4 for two cards per invite  

C6 Booklet, 300-350gsm                                 £5 each
+ envelope

C5 Booklet, 300-350gsm                                 £7 each
+ envelope

C5 Gatefold, 300-350gsm                                 £7 each
+ envelope


For example, If you were to want to order 80 invitations with a bespoke design on C5 Tent Fold card, it would cost £490 in total.


Any questions please email me at info@skinnynib.com